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A Message from the President

I like to welcome you, on behalf of our members, to the Osun Indigenes Organization Web Site. I hope, as you become familiar with us, you will decide to help us provide educational support that will facilitate electronic interactions between the library, schools and the public. In our communities here in the United States we encourage our kids to be the best they could through recognitions and incentives. With twelve dollars a month tables, desks, chairs and other school supplies including chalks, pencils, textbooks, notebooks can be provided per school. Roofs and boarding rooms can be renovated with a twelve-month commitment of $42.00 a month. We also encourage family values stemming from the involvement of both parents in raising a home.

Making a difference in the world we are, is a strive, not incomparable to the strives in those 'old' days’, a different flavor is only added to complicate the process. There's no new thing under the sun; persecution still abound as in those days, wars are being fought, majority of the people in the world are still oppressed, hungry and deprived, etc.

It is (therefore) a huge and complex challenge for the very few who continues to struggle to exercise their caring, sharing natures. This is where the great people of The Osun Indigenes Organization come in. To appreciate the efforts of the members of this great organization, it will help to understand the process(more) that have shaped and sustained its existence for more than twelve years. The first few steps of an infant is an indication of how well he/she would walk in future. The step that the first three members of the organization took is a milestone that we continue to build on.

Not long ago, news from Nigeria was not so impressive. Only very few prospects were made to give Nigerians hope for the future. Hopes were very often dashed in Nigeria political sector where political powers were exchanged between the civilians and the military. Violence, bribe, greed, drug trafficking were and, as ever, overshadowed the few hardworking, loyal citizens. Even young minds were being tainted as they grow towards believing in amassing wealth. Though the attitude is still here with us today, various communities are putting programs together to address these epidemics.

Those who had the opportunity to come to the US during the period believed they were opportuned to get away. It is not surprising therefore, to see Nigeria deteriorating especially since 1960, flashing a bad memory in the minds of Nigerians in the US and other countries. For those not politically savvy, or rich, all they could do while in the US or other western countries was to pray and watch the destruction of human minds and feel helpless. There was nevertheless those who tried without success to group together and create a challenging force to the authority in Nigeria in their own ways.

There are those who have been educated, involved in the ‘campus’ politics and/or associated with family members who have been active in Nigerian politics. They are the ones who believed that those politicians need to be challenged but vary in their approach and sometimes, without flexibility. To find a common ground within these diverse minds is the challenge of those who like to see people changing the future together as a group. Not as individuals who, if and when they are successful usually get corrupted and more self-centered. Culture is also a major problem for it mostly supports the notion of individualism.This practice is much more reflected in Nigerian organizations where individuals prefer to control and not ready to relinquish their individualism. No wonder therefore, the Nigerian organizations established prior to 1995 disintegrated.

The good news is that Nigerians, as most humans, do not easily forget their mentor and those who nurture them from youth. Neither will they wipe out the memory of those who might have taken part in their strive for success in life. Best part of the culture. Therefore, there’s always a payback time to parents, and other relatives as well as communities that nurture them. Not surprising therefore to know that Nigerians transacted $28 billion dollars through Western Union to Nigerian between 1995 and 2002.

TOIOG is an organization that believes in the Osun communities and we are proud of our overall success since 1990. But we have a long way to go. I hope you will join in any way you can to carry the banner and allow the flame of success to cast light onto the minds of others who are less fortunate and hopeless.

- Tunde Adeyemi
          President, TOIOG

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