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Check back often for the plan status of our Medical Mission to Nigeria. You can contribute by sending your opinion to Osun Secretary
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The purpose of TOIOG Welfare program is to identify the needs of our members, surrounding communities, people nationwide, in Nigeria, internationally and cater for those needs. For our members, we adopt the theme of "Member once, Gold Member for ever".

Our members devote a lot of time, energy, funds and talents to the running of the organization. These members can choose to spend their time with their families but they chose to want to help others. We therefore count it as an obligation to support each other morally through visits and calls, socially and in any way we can.

Part of the function of the welfare function since we started this organization is to grow together as a family. We embrace the growth and success of our children by gathering them together yearly at the end of the year for Christmas/End-of-year party. At the party we give them gifts and award each of them when they graduate from high school.

We believe that while there are so many in need in Africa, we cannot overllok the need here in our coomunities and in the United States nationwide. Our Humanitarian program is focused on supporting other people in our communities that we cannot reach individually. Dr. O is the chairwoman of the committee and she has identified charity organizations that TOIOG supports that helps us to reach those people

Here is the original proposal from Dr. O for the welfare program:

The AWCAA, FCAMM, SOME are organizations that I think are local and are directly accessible to us and are capable of networking to help our people in nigeria. We as organizations can support with a monthly contribution as low as $100 each ($300/month and $3600 per year) , I think this is doable and feasible than to support so many and not be consistent. And also giving back at home I know is important to many of us in the group so it would be easy to associate a trip together than reinventing the wheels. I know the group has very diversed and important background, so I will be looking forward to get a dynamic reactions and comments. I thought the mission will help the Osun's Indigens agenda to proposed medical mission coming up in July. The strategic plan and detail is being worked on, they are talking to Ogun governor at the moment and I want to get anyones imput that has the contact for the Osun governor and first lady and well as minster of health for osun state so I can pass it on to the people aking the preperation…either way they probably do but if any of the embers have any direct contact then it would greatly help to incoporate osun indigines mission..